Our Team

This year’s Toronto Veggie Parade is brought to you by our tenacious and dynamic executive team. Check out their bios and personal veg stories below!

Kaylah Krajnc – Team Coordinator

Hello amazing veggies! I’m super excited to be coordinating this year’s Veggie Parade again – I’ve been in the parade four times, and it was actually the first veg* community event that I was ever involved in, so it feels extra special to me. I’m excited to work with the Coordinating team to grow the parade and make it even better and more exciting than last year’s! 🙂

Jenny McQueen – Deputy Team Coordinator

I’ve been so lucky to have been on the Veggie Parade coordinating team or a participant since year 1 and this is now the 8th year!  What I love about the parade is that it allows everyone to come together and celebrate – whether you’re an animal rights activist like myself, or you’re just veg curious :).  The community organizations bring tons of information and their voices – which makes this one heck of a fun outreach event.

Yi Gao – Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator

A warm greetings to you all. My name is Yi and I have the great pleasure of being the Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator for the 2018 Veggie Parade. I am currently studying business at the University of Toronto. My compassion toward animals and the environment has inspired me to become a vegetarian almost 4 years ago and is still pushing me toward pursuing a vegan lifestyle. I am looking forward to meeting you all and I hope I can help put together a memorable parade as a tribute to this loving community!

Preeti Sangwan – Communications Coordinator


























Hi! This is my first time participating with the Toronto Veggie Parade though I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life, and I am the event’s Communications Coordinator. I’m looking forward to working with the team to make the parade a success. I’m excited for the adventure ahead as this year continues to build and bring together the wonderful Veg community and spreads the joy of delicious healthy eating.

Ichha Kohli – Community Liaison Coordinator

Hi all! This is my first time participating in the Veggie Parade, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have the pleasure of being the Community Liaison Coordinator, helping to bring together the great veg community that is growing in Toronto! I am about to graduate from the University of Toronto, where I studied Environmental Studies, Environmental Ethics and Environmental Biology, but my greatest passion lies in animal welfare ethics. I volunteer with several other environmental and animal welfare related organizations, but I can’t wait to be part of a larger community event that brings our veg community together!