Our Team

This year’s Toronto Veggie Parade is brought to you by our tenacious and dynamic executive team. Check out their bios and personal veg stories below!

Kaylah Krajnc – Team Coordinator

Hello amazing veggies! I’m super excited to be coordinating this year’s Veggie Parade – I’ve been in the parade three times, and it was actually the first veg* community event that I was ever involved in, so it feels extra special to me. This year, I’ll be leading the coordinating team in planning the parade – I’m looking forward to working with a great team to plan an amazing event!

Jenny McQueen – Deputy Team Coordinator

I’ve been so lucky to have been on the Veggie Parade coordinating team or a participant since year 1 and this is now the 8th year!  What I love about the parade is that it allows everyone to come together and celebrate – whether you’re an animal rights activist like myself, or you’re just veg curious :).  The community organizations bring tons of information and their voices – which makes this one heck of a fun outreach event.