Our volunteers are the backbone of our parade! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to make the event as best as possible! Volunteers can do anything from being Marshals, guiding parade goers along the right routes or even Food Leaders, handing out Veg food and flyers to our attendees!

If you’re passionate about the Toronto Veggie Parade and would love to volunteer for this year’s event, register here! For more information, check out the descriptions of each volunteer position below!



We need to get the word out about the Veggie Parade to surrounding communities, and the rest of Toronto! Sign up for this role and help drop off flyers and posters in stores surrounding the parade route, and in Vegan/Vegetarian/Eco friendly businesses around the city that may be interested in the parade, bike shops, community centres etc.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week (flexible timing – you can do this anytime between the Monday and Sunday leading up to the parade)

Social Media Ambassadors

Are you social media savvy? We really want to get the word out to new communities about our parade and we know a great way to do that is through social media. All we’re asking is for you to share our awesome event with your own personal communities – your friends, families, professional and personal groups – whatever you’re comfortable with!
Time Commitment: No more than a few minutes per day, a few days a week



Help greet and guide groups and marchers as they arrive to set up and prepare for the parade.
Time Commitment: 1 hours (11:00 am-12:00 pm)


Do you love giving hugs? Fantastic! Help create positive vibes by hugging people in the crowd wearing one of our snazzy veggie costumes and carrying a fun “Hug a veggie” sign! (Applying for this positions indicates that you are happy to get to get up close and personal with the crowds!)
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11:30am-2:30pm)

Parade Marshals

Walk alongside the parade to help make sure everyone is safe and that any issues are reported to the Chief Parade Marshal
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11:30am-2:30pm)

Banner Holders

Help us carry our Veggie Parade banner at the front of the parade and raise excitement!
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11:30am-2:30pm)


We’re looking for folks to help engage bystanders by handing out Veggie Parade leaflets/pamphlets.
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11:30am-2:30pm)

Social Media(live posting)

We’re looking for people to share our parade on social media throughout the Parade. All you have to do is share how much fun you’re having (of course)!
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11:30am-2:30pm)

Technical Support

Are you tech-savvy? We want to use some sound systems and technical equipment during the parade, but we need someone with the know-how to help us out! Send us an email if you think you can help!
Time Commitment: 3 hours (11.30am- 2.30pm)

Have any questions about volunteering? Email us at veggieprideto@gmail.com! We look forward to hearing from you!