Who We Are

Who We Are

The Toronto Veggie Parade (TVP) is Toronto’s annual celebration of the Veg (vegan/vegetarian/veg-loving) lifestyle for vegans, vegetarians and veg-lovers! It’s a fun and friendly event where you get to meet cool Veggites, jive to nice music and enjoy the veggie side of Toronto. Open to anyone who loves and respects the Veg lifestyle, the annual Toronto Veggie Parade is a must-go event for any Veg who wants to celebrate and have a great time!

Here are our three main goals:


Celebrate our veg lifestyle – we want to appreciate all of our hard work, as well as create a welcoming and inclusive space for others to explore the possibility of being veg.


Create a space for veg folks to come together and build community, as well as share resources and connections with each other.


Educate non-veg folks on the benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle. Learn how it positively impacts animals, the environment, and your health, here!

Want to learn more about the Parade? Here’s information on how to attend, volunteer or even sponsor the parade. We’re also active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – follow us and we’ll follow back!

Can’t wait to see you at this year’s parade on Saturday, July 8th at 12 pm in Queen’s Park! For all updates on the parade, follow our Facebook event, here.